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Trace Metals Analyses of Coal and Diesel Airborne Particulate.

Millson MM; Hull RD
NIOSH :41 pages
Samples of air were removed from exposure chambers used in animal experiments in order to analyze the atmospheres used in the coal and diesel emissions study to determine the presence of seventeen selected trace metals. These elements included aluminum (7429905), arsenic (7440382), beryllium (7440417), cadmium (7440439), calcium (7440702), cobalt (7440484), chromium (7440473), copper (7440508), iron (7439896), lead (7439921), magnesium (7439954), manganese (7439965), nickel (7440020), sodium (7440235), titanium (7440326), vanadium (7440622), and zinc (7440666). Arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, chromium and vanadium were below the 0.5 microgram metal/cubic meter of air limit of quantitation in each chamber. Only occasionally were cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel and lead found. The remaining elements were found often in some of the chambers. Very little aluminum was present in clean air chambers and the diesel exhaust chambers contained only slightly more. Chambers containing coal dust showed slightly more aluminum. Little iron was present in the clean air and in the diesel exhaust chambers. Measurable levels of iron were present in the coal and the coal plus diesel chambers with the higher levels in the coal chambers. Very little zinc was present in clean air and coal dust chambers. Zinc was present in diesel exhaust and coal plus diesel exhaust chambers with the diesel exhaust exhibiting the higher levels. Even though these elements were present in measurable quantities, these levels were still far below the OSHA limits.
NIOSH-Author; Inhalants; Laboratory-animals; Diesel-emissions; Diesel-engines; Diesel-exhausts; Chemical-analysis; Trace-analysis; Coal-dust;
7429-90-5; 7440-38-2; 7440-41-7; 7440-43-9; 7440-70-2; 7440-48-4; 7440-47-3; 7440-50-8; 7439-89-6; 7439-92-1; 7439-95-4; 7439-96-5; 7440-02-0; 7440-23-5; 7440-32-6; 7440-62-2; 7440-66-6;
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