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Nitrotoluenes Hazards.

NIOSH 1977 Oct:227-240
The molecular structure, Chemical Abstracts Service numbers, Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances numbers, standard chemical names, production figures and economic trends, uses and producer and user data are provided for ortho-nitrotoluene (88722), meta-nitrotoluene (99081), para-nitrotoluene (99990), 2,4- dinitrotoluene (121142), 2,6-dinitrotoluene (606202), and 2,4,6- trinitrotoluene (118967). The acute effects of nitrotoluenes administered to animals by the oral, topical and inhalational routes are tabulated with information on dosages, responses, and reference sources. All organs suffer extensive hemorrhage, the most commonly affected organs being the liver, gall bladder, stomach, adrenal cortex, and pancreas. The central nervous system displays injury through peripheral neuropathy. Subchronic effects include hematologic alteration. Chronic effects include mutagenicity. In human beings, nitrotoluene causes loss of adrenal cortex hormone activity, disturbances in gastric secretion, polyneuritis, and loss of muscular strength and energy. The early symptoms of poisoning by dinitrotoluene include headache, fatigue, chest pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting. Symptoms of more advanced poisoning are jaundice and secondary anemia. Fatalities resulting from aplastic anemia due to trinitrotoluene (TNT) exposure are reported; and alcohol ingestion has been found to precipitate recurrences of symptoms of acute intoxication by TNT. OSHA recommends a threshold limit value of 1.5 milligrams per cubic meter for dinitrotoluene, and for TNT; a standard value of 5ppm is recommended for the isomers of nitrotoluene. (Contract No. 210-77-0120)
NIOSH-Contract; Contract-210-77-0120; Liver-disorders; Nitro-compounds; Toluenes; Exposure-limits; Genitourinary-system-disorders; Stomach-disorders; Nervous-system-disorders; Blood-disorders; Chronic-poisoning; Mutagenesis;
88-72-2; 99-08-1; 99-99-0; 121-14-2; 606-20-2; 118-96-7;
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Information Profiles on Potential Occupational Hazards, NIOSH Contract No. 210-77-0120, October 1977
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