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Soule RD
The industrial environment - its evaluation and control, 3rd edition. Cincinnati, OH: U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, DHEW (NIOSH) Publication No. 74-117, 1973 Jan; :333-348
General principles involved in the recognition, evaluation and control of workers' exposure to vibration are reviewed. Topics include effects of vibration on man, including Raynaud's syndrome; vibration exposure criteria; characteristics of vibration, such as periodic or sinusoidal vibration, displacement, acceleration, and random vibrations; vibration measurements, including basic elements in a measurement system, vibration pick-ups, the preamplifier, analyzers, vibration recorders, accessories, and field measurements; control of vibration, including isolation, reduction of surface response or damping, reduction of mechanical disturbance, and limitations of control measures. Diagrams include a simplified mechanical system representing the human body standing or sitting on a vertically vibrating platform, the basic construction of the Bruel and Kjaer compression type piezo-electric accelerometers, the arrangement of equipment for automatic frequency analysis, and the ground-loop phenomena. Graphs show the transmissibility of vertical vibration from supporting surface to various parts of the body of a standing and sitting human subject as a function of frequency, subjective responses to vibratory motion, vibration exposure criteria curves, representations of pure harmonic and non-harmonic vibration, how a non-harmonic waveform can be broken up into a sum of harmonic related sinewaves, periodic signals and their frequency spectra, and results of loss factor measurements of a sandwich structure. A table gives European industries in which clinical evidence of overexposure of workers to vibration have been reported.
Vibration-control; Vibration-disease; Raynaud's-phenomenon; Models; Physiological-responses; Psychological-responses; Nervous-system-disorders; Bone-disorders; Muscular-disorders; Mechanical-properties; Vibration-damping; Hazards; Vibration-meters
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The industrial environment - its evaluation and control, 3rd edition
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