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Volume 3 Number 1 March 2018

Take Action

Big or small. Taking action to promote motor vehicle safety at work doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can take big or small steps to make an impact. Employers can read this month’s newsletter for ideas to apply in the workplace. Access previous issues of our newsletter

Use NIOSH Animated Images (GIFs) to Promote Road Safety

Driving for Work? Click it. Every trip. Every person.

The NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety now features all of its road safety animated images – or GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) – in a single location.

Visit our Animated Images webpage to download motor vehicle GIFs related to seat belt safety, fatigued and distracted driving, young and older drivers, among other topics.

How can you use GIFs? Twitter is one of the most effective ways to use GIFs. If your workplace doesn’t use social media, consider including GIFs in the slides of your next safety presentation. Or, request to have GIFs added to any electronic message boards displayed throughout the workplace.

Safety tip for employers!
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Require workers to pull over in a safe location if they must text, make a call, or look up directions.

Distracted Driving Q&A: Dr. David Strayer

David Strayer is the John R. Park professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah. Dr. Strayer’s research examines attention and multitasking in real-world contexts such as driving an automobile.

Dr. David Strayer

Road to Zero: Join the national conversation on traffic safety

“The aim of Road to Zero is to get to zero deaths by 2050. It’s not impossible – it just hasn’t been done yet. Working together, we will find new solutions to old problems and eliminate these preventable deaths.” – Deborah A.P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council

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The bottom line: Employers can help eliminate traffic deaths – on and off the job.

Download the NETS Cost of Collisions Calculator
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Measure the cost of your company’s crashes with the Cost of Collisions Calculatorexternal icon, developed by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety through a cooperative agreement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The calculator has 3 components: on-the-job crash costs, off-the-job crash costs, and return on investment (ROI) guidance.

Get ready for Distracted Driving Awareness Month
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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. At any given time in 2015, an estimated 2.2% of all drivers on the road were texting or visibly using a hand-held device.1external icon On average, a non-fatal injury crash at work that involves distraction costs the employer $72,442.2external icon

Visit our Distracted Driving at Work webpage to access employer and worker resources.

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