Mining Workshop: Wireless Communications and Tracking System

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Webinar: December 6, 2011

The webinar is intended for mining professionals who are users, regulators, or manufacturers of CT equipment for underground coal mines.

NIOSH presented the first CT research webinar on Tuesday December 6, 2011. The webinar begins with  a review of the basic CT technologies suitable for underground coal mining. The CT Tutorial provides background in:

  • Ultra-high-frequency (UHF) communications such as node based or mesh systems
  • Medium frequency (MF) systems in which the radio signal propagates along existing electrical conductors
  • Through-the-earth systems in which the signal propagates directly from the surface through the overburden to the miners
  • Several techniques for electronic tracking of the location of miners.

Drawing of 2 men with wavy line between them illustrating transmitter and receiver.

Communications Tracking in Underground Coal Mines

Joe Waynert, Ph.D., Senior Service Fellow

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Diagram of analog and digital signal formats.

NIOSH Internal Research: UHF, MF, TTE, Tracking Status

Joe Waynert, Ph.D., Senior Service Fellow  

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