Mining Program Strategic Plan, 2019-2023 - Collaborations Across Non-mining Industry Sectors

Mining Program Strategic Plan

Mining Program Strategic Goals Overview

This Strategic Plan recognizes that the mining industry shares many similarities with the oil and gas and construction industries. By leveraging NIOSH’s broad-based resources to address worker health and safety challenges for all three high-risk industries, we can have a much greater impact on a larger segment of the U.S. workforce. According to the United States Census Bureau Current Population Survey, in 2018, there were 11.2 million workers in construction and 78,000 in oil and gas. According to MSHA data, including mine operator employees and contractor employees, 331,923 individuals were working in mines in the United States in 2018.  In addition to a greater impact on worker health and safety, this multisector strategy also significantly increases the market size for manufacturers by considering the marketing of health and safety interventions developed by NIOSH.

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