Mining Feature: NIOSH Mining Program Releases New Strategic Plan

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The NIOSH Mining Program is pleased to release a new Strategic Plan, outlining our research goals for the fiscal years 2019-2023. This five-year Strategic Plan, which will be reviewed annually, provides a roadmap for reducing and eliminating illnesses, injuries, and fatalities for the mining workforce.

Collage of miners and types of mines

In developing this plan, the Mining Program considered carefully how best to serve our many stakeholders, which include academia; equipment manufacturers; government; mine operators; mining industry trade associations; organized labor; regulatory agencies, research laboratories; and suppliers. In structuring our Plan, we have followed a mining subsector approach that includes coal, crushed stone, sand and gravel, metal, and industrial minerals. This approach allows us to better address the specialized health and safety challenges specific to each subsector.

The Mining Program Strategic Plan aligns with the latest version of the NIOSH Strategic Plan and demonstrates our commitment to collaborating with our peers to ensure the highest quality research for the mining community. As we face greater challenges to achieve meaningful and timely results in an ever more complex world, we will continue to expand our program to enhance the use of multidisciplinary and cross-divisional teams.

Please engage with us by reading our Strategic Plan as we strive to achieve our mission—to eliminate mining fatalities, injuries, and illnesses through relevant research and impactful solutions.

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