Mining Feature: Researchers Share Knowledge with Colombian Partners

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Five NIOSH Mining researchers stand on stage at the 3rd International Seminar for Mining and Energy in Colombia.

NIOSH Mining researchers, (from left to right), Vasu Gangrade, Brent Slaker, John Sammarco, Clara Seaman, and Eranda Perera, on stage at the 3rd International Seminar for Mining and Energy in Colombia.

Five NIOSH researchers shared their health and safety knowledge with partners in Colombia during a recent trip there sponsored and hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy in the State of Cundinamarca.

In September 2018, the NIOSH Mining Program conducted a day-long webinar in Pittsburgh for Colombian mining officials to introduce and elaborate upon mine safety and health topics – essentially offering an overview of the depth and breadth of NIOSH’s work in the U.S.

That webinar was so well received that Colombian officials extended an invitation for NIOSH researchers to present their findings to a larger audience in person at the 3rd International Seminar for Mining and Energy.

Five NIOSH Mining Program researchers – Dr. Brent Slaker of the Ground Control Branch; Dr. Clara Seaman of the Dust, Ventilation, and Toxic Substances Branch; Dr. Eranda Perera and Vasu Gangrade of the Fires and Explosions Branch; Dr. John Sammarco of the Human Factors Branch – made the trek to Colombia for a late August 2019 conference and mine visit.

The visit came at a crucial time for the Colombian mining community. Colombian coal mines experienced several disasters in 2018, resulting in more than 280 lives lost in the state of Cundinamarca alone. Without a NIOSH equivalent in Colombia, the government and mining companies are working to establish a mine safety research program, and they greatly value the input of the NIOSH Mining Program in developing this resource.

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