Mining Feature: NIOSH at SME 2023

Monday, February 13, 2023

NIOSH will showcase a number of its latest products in mine safety and health research at MINEXCHANGE, the 2023 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Annual Conference and Expo Feb. 26-March 1 in Denver.

Find us at Booth #2011 to learn about our software, technology, and guidelines, including:

  • Using the newest iteration of the NIOSH Hearing Loss Simulator, now offered as a progressive web application
  • Learning how electromagnetic interference may be affecting the performance of proximity detection systems 
  • Seeing how you can use LiDAR at your operation to add to your ground control data
  • Exploring the many ways to prevent slips, trips, and falls at your operation with best practices, controls, and behavior choices
  • Engaging with us in research as we collect data from active mining operations

Plus, pick up copies of many of our products in both English and Spanish to serve your operation's needs.

Don’t miss our researchers and scientists as they present their findings on a range of safety and health topics.

Monday, February 27th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 708 Prospecting Mental Health and Well-being in the Workplace
2:00 pm Panel Session
Tom Cunningham and Gerald Poplin
Room 703 Health & Safety: Case Studies in Direct Reading Instrumentation and Sensor Technology
2:05 pm Comparing the Use of and Concerns About Direct-reading Instruments and Sensor Technologies in the Mining Industry and Other Occupational Sectors
Emily Haas and Timothy Bauerle
3:25 pm Electromagnetic Emission Measurement of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Process
Lincan Yan and Jacob Carr
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Best of Ground Control
2:45 pm A Case Study of Potential Geologic Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Massive Ground Collapses at an Underground Limestone Mine in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Nicole Evanek
3:05 pm Evaluation of Seismic Potential in a Longwall Mine with Massive Sandstone Roof Under Deep Overburden: An Update
Mark Van Dyke, Ted Klemetti, Zoheir Khademian
Room 105 History of Mining
3:25 pm

Underground Coal Mine Mechanization - The Development of the Continuous Miner
George Luxbacher

Room 702

Coal & Energy: Developments in Airborne Particulate and Silica Measurement Technologies

3:25 pm

Selecting Filters for Both Mine Dust Mass and Crystalline Silica Measurements in Mines
David Parks

Capitol 1 Room, Hyatt NORA Mining Sector Council Meeting
4:30 pm George Luxbacher and Vaibhav Raj

Tuesday, February 28th

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 112 Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Mine Design in Industrial Minerals & Aggregates
9:45 am Evaluation of Mine Ventilation in Large-opening Underground Stone Mines Through Field Studies
Vasu Gangrade
Room 708 Health & Safety: Reducing Occupational Exposures from a Hierarchy of Controls Perspective
10:05 am NIOSH Office of Mine Safety and Health Research Ventilation Capacity Building Contracts
George Luxbacher and David Snyder
Room 504 Mining & Exploration: Geosciences: Best Practices in Ground Support in Underground Mines
2:05 pm Galvanic Corrosion Between Graphitic Rock and Ground Support in Underground Mines
Casey Stazick and Carl Sunderman
2:45 pm Cemented Rockfill Size Effect Study with Specific Focus on Different Sample Preparation Techniques
Josef Bourgeois and Tyler Emery
Room 703 Health & Safety: Hazard Recognition Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
2:45 pm Creating a Framework for Assured Autonomy
Robert Bissonette
Room 708 Health & Safety: Innovations in Emergency Preparedness and Response
2:45 pm A Long-term Field Evaluation of Mining Escape Respirators Conducted from Sept 2019 to July 2020
Susan Moore
Room 704 Coal & Energy: Innovations in Dust Control and Research
3:05 pm A Comparison of Different Water Sprays at High Pressures for Respirable Coal Dust Knockdown Ability in a Confined Chamber
Scott Klima, David Zheng, Hua Jiang, and Timothy Beck
3:45 pm Lab Evaluation of a New Type of Air Cleaning Blower on Respirable Dust Control
David Zheng, Hua Jiang, Scott Klima, and Timothy Beck
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Technology and Innovations
3:05 pm Analysis of Steel Props Under Different Loading Scenarios
Khaled Mohamed
3:25 pm Contribution of Individual Support Components to Roof Stability in a Longwall Gateroad
Zoheir Khademian and Morgan Sears
4:05 pm Characterizing Radio Emissions from Electronic Systems Used in Underground Coal Mines
Chenming Zhou
4:25 pm A Comparison Between EM Emission Reduction Methods for Personal Dust Monitors
Alan Zhang, Chanming Zhou, and Jacob Carr
Room 507 Inclusion and Diversity: Allyship--The Benefits of Being an Ally, Steps to Being a Better Ally, and Driving Positive Action
3:25 pm The Unexpected Connection Between Skateboarding, Allyship and the Workplace
Casey Stazick
Room 206 NIOSH Automation Partnership Program
3:30 pm Setting an Agenda for the 4th Annual NIOSH Mine Automation and Emerging Technologies Health and Safety Partnership Meeting

Wednesday, March 1

Room/Time Session/Presentation
Room 708 Health & Safety: Advancements in H&S Training and Other Hazard Identification Strategies
9:05 am Using Near Miss Events to Create Training Videos
Jennica Bellanca and Timothy Orr
Room 703 Health & Safety: Human Factors Issues in the Workplace: Problems and Solutions
9:05 am Are Fatigue and Sleepiness the Same? A Brief Introduction to the Differences and Similarities and Their Implications for Work Safety
Timothy Bauerle
Room 505 Mining & Exploration: Innovation & Technology: Automation in the Mining Value Chain II
9:25 am Evaluation of Models for Interaction Probability in Autonomous Monitor and Control Environments
Robert Bissonette
Room 501 Mining & Exploration: Operations: Safety Considerations in Mine Planning and Mine Operations
10:25 am Wireless Coexistence: Concepts and Implications in the Mining Industry
Carl Sunderman and Robert Bissonette
Room 110 Industrial Minerals & Aggregates: Health & Safety in Industrial Minerals
2:05 pm Development of Air Quantity Estimator (AQE 2.0) Software for Estimating Airflow Requirements to Dilute Diesel Particulate Matter
Vasu Gangrade
3:45 pm A Case Study of Massive Strate Collapses Occurring Distant from the Working Face
Nicole Evanek and Gamal Rashed
Room 706 Coal & Energy: Ventilation Innovations
2:45 pm Comparison of Fire Suppression Techniques on Lithium-ion Battery Pack Fires
Wei Tang
Room 703 Health & Safety: National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA): Future Health and Safety Challenges with All-electric Mobile Equipment
3:05 pm Thermal Runaway of LTO and NCA Lithium-ion Batteries in a Sealed Enclosure Containing Methane
Naseem Rayyan, Connor Brown, and Thomas Dubaniewicz
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