Mining Program Goals

The Mining Sector Program collaborates with several of the other sector and cross-sector programs within the NIOSH Program Portfolio. Ten sector programs represent industrial sectors, and seven cross-sector programs are organized around health and safety outcomes. The sector programs intersect with cross-sector programs in a matrix-like fashion, with relevant core and specialty programs playing a supporting role. This approach allows multiple programs to work towards accomplishing the shared research goals in the NIOSH Strategic Plan. The Mining Program supports goals on reducing exposures to hazardous noise and airborne contaminants (such as coal dust and respirable crystalline silica), reducing musculoskeletal disorders and traumatic injuries, preventing mine disasters, and improving the organization of work. A partnership among the Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction, and Construction Programs seeks to develop research projects that benefit the workers in all three sectors.

The Mining Program also has a five-year Strategic Plan, 2019-2023, that elaborates on the mining elements of the NIOSH Strategic Plan. It is organized into three major areas:

  • Strategic Goal 1:Reduce mine workers’ risk of occupational illness
  • Strategic Goal 2: Reduce mine workers’ risk of traumatic injuries and fatalities
  • Strategic Goal 3: Reduce the risk of mine disasters and improve post-disaster survivability of mine workers.

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