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Metal/Nonmetal Respirable Dust Control Using Cab Pressurization and Helmet-CAM Supplemental Information


Filtration and Pressurization Systems

Comparison of MERV 16 and HEPA Filters for Cab Filtration of Underground Mining Equipment
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Key Components for an Effective Filtration and Pressurization System for Mobile Mining Equipment
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Comparing the Air Quality inside Enclosed Cabs of Underground Mining Equipment with MERV 16 and HEPA Filters
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Air Cleaning Performance of a New Environmentally Controlled Primary Crusher Operator Booth 
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Using Node Analysis Modeling Techniques to Predict Cab Filtration System Performance
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Effects of MERV 16 Filters and Routine Work Practices on Enclosed Cabs for Reducing Respirable Dust and DPM Exposures in an Underground Limestone Mine
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Field Assessment of Enclosed Cab Filtration System Performance Using Particle Counting Measurements
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Long-term Evaluation of Cab Particulate Filtration and Pressurization Performance
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Doing the Math: The Effectiveness of Enclosed-Cab Air-Cleaning Methods Can Be Spelled Out in Mathematical Equations
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Helmet-CAM, EVADE Software, and Dust Exposure

Helmet-CAM: Tool for Assessing Miners' Respirable Dust Exposure 
Mining Engineering 2013 Sep; 65(9):78-84

Beyond Assessment: Helmet-CAM Technology Influencing Dust Exposure Awareness and Response
Rock Products 2015 Nov; 118(11):28-30,32-33

Assessing Noise and Dust Exposure: NIOSH and Vulcan Materials Co. Team Up to Test How Well Helmet-CAM Technology Measures Miner Exposure Levels 
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Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Exposures (EVADE) software
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, DHHS (NIOSH), Version 2.0 Beta; February 2016

Here Comes the Helmet-CAM: A Recent Advance in Technology Can Improve How Mine Operators Investigate and Assess Respirable Dust
Rock Products 2014 Oct; 117(10):26-30

VEM Goes Mobile: Helmet-CAM Allows Video Exposure Monitoring for Mobile Workers
Synergist 2013 Mar; 24(3):24-27

RI 9696 Guidelines for Performing a Helmet-CAM Respirable Dust Survey and Conducting Subsequent Analysis with the Enhanced Video Analysis of Dust Exposures (EVADE) Software
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Formative Research to Reduce Mine Worker Respirable Silica Dust Exposure: A Feasibility Study to Integrate Technology into Behavioral Interventions 
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Silica Safety: Understanding Dust Sources to Support Healthier Work Practices 
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Using Dust Assessment Technology to Leverage Mine Site Manager-Worker Communication and Health Behavior: A Longitudinal Case Study
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