Life Table Analysis System – Installation Instructions


Installation Instructions

These instructions describe how to install LTAS.NET version 4.0 from the NIOSH Web Site.

If you are installing LTAS.NET for the first time or are upgrading from a release older than 4.0, start here: from the website location Download Software, click on the LTASsetup418.exe link and save it to a desired location on your computer or network.  Run the setup wizard by double-clicking on the file you just downloaded.*

Before you begin the install take the time to read the ReadMe.txt file as it contains system information needed to correctly install LTAS.NET with limited administrative privileges.

* If you are running under limited administrative privileges you may need to contact your LAN administrator to set up LTAS.NET on your computer. The install should be set up under your account with temporary administrative privileges. Once installed it should function without the administrative privileges, if the user is given full access to the folder C:\Program Files\NIOSH\.

You do not need to uninstall LTAS.NET version 3.0 before installing 4.0, but we recommend use of the 4.0 version for better Windows compatibility and security. Please note that the 3.0 version has been removed from our site with the release of 4.0, and we will not be able to test or answer software-related questions for versions prior to 4.0.

Page last reviewed: February 21, 2019