Life Table Analysis System



On-line context sensitive documentation is extensive throughout LTAS.NET including: a full description of the system and detailed instructions, screen shots for the running system, a glossary, details of the required inputs, examples of reports and illustrations of output data files.

The LTAS.NET user manual is also available as a fully searchable PDF document (93 pages) through the link below. In addition, the PDF is automatically saved on the drive to which LTAS.NET is installed (the default is C:\Program Files\NIOSH\LTAS.NET 4.0) under the folder called “Doc”.

If you are unfamiliar with LTAS.NET 4.0 the following linked resources should help answer your questions:

If you have decided to use the software please download these documents; they are a valuable reference and we would appreciate your constructive comments.

Page last reviewed: February 21, 2019