Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle Crash and Struck-by Fatality Investigations
This program investigates law enforcement officer (LEO) line-of-duty deaths due to motor vehicle events. NIOSH developed the program to learn more about the risks LEOs face on the job and identify ways to prevent motor vehicle-related deaths.

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More than 50 Health Hazard Evaluations have been published related to law enforcement officers. Find evaluations of interest and learn more about Health Hazard Evaluations.

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Motor vehicle incidents are one of the leading causes of on-the-job deaths for U.S. law enforcement officers. NIOSH conducts research to promote motor vehicle safety.

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Indoor firing ranges are popular among law enforcement officers. Learn more about airborne lead, noise, and other potential exposures at indoor firing ranges.

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Law enforcement officers may unknowingly come into contact with fentanyl. NIOSH provides recommendations on safe operating procedures and personal protective equipment.