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Publications 2014-1016

The following is a list of NIOSH publications on Traumatic Occupational Injury Topics for 2014. Publications available in Spanish will have a link indicated by "en español".

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Pub. No. Publication Title NTIS No.
2016-116 Older Drivers in the Workplace: How Employers and Workers Can Prevent Crashes  
2016-113 Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program Brochure (Supersedes 2003-146)  
2016-112 Assessment of Safety in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Island Crab Fleet  
2016-110 Safety Advisory: Translucent Corrugated Roof Panels May Contribute to Increased Fall Risk during Roof Operations  
2016-108 NIOSH-OSHA Hazard Alert: Health and Safety Risks for Workers Involved in Manual Tank Gauging and Sampling at Oil and Gas Extraction Sites  
2016-105 Reducing Winch Entanglements with Auxiliary-stop Device  
2016-104 Reducing Winch Entanglements with Stationary Guarding  
2016-100 Safety Matters: A Safety & Health Training for Young Workers PB2016-100065
2015-239 Oil and Gas Extraction Worker Fatalities, 2014 Mid-Year Report: January 1, 2014-June 30, 2014 PB2016-100064
2015-238 Fleet Safety Fact Sheet: Freezer Longliners  
2015-237 Fleet Safety Fact Sheet: Amendment 80 Factory Trawlers  
2015-190 NIOSH-Funded Program and Stakeholders Work to Prevent Falls from Temporary Wooden Platforms on Bridge Decks  
2015-186 NIOSH-Funded State FACE Investigation Leads to Safer Handicapped-Accessible Accelerator Pedals  
2015-183 NIOSH Research Improves Equipment Design to Protect Firefighters  
2015-179 Traumatic Occupational Injury Research Labs - Division of Safety Research  
2015-178 Overlapping Vulnerabilities: The Occupational Health and Safety of Young Immigrant Workers in Small Construction Firms PB2015-104882
2015-177 Use of Model Farmers Proves Effective in Increasing Safety Practices Among Navajo Agricultural Workers  
2015-176 NIOSH Smart Phone Application Improves Ladder Safety to Reduce Falls  
2015-175 A NIOSH-funded Research Study Improves Safety and Health of Farm Workers and Their Families  
2015-119 PFD Manufacturer Adopts NIOSH Research into Product Development Process  
2015-118 Online Training Helps Protect Nurses and Other Healthcare Workers from Workplace Violence  
2015-116 Anthropometric Study of U.S. Truck Drivers: Methods, Summary Statistics, and Multivariate Accommodation Models PB2015-104131
2015-111 Preventing work-related motor vehicle crashes  
2015-110 Talking Safety - Giving youth work readiness skills to keep them safe and healthy  
2015-109 Take Charge of Your Safety In and Around Your Patrol Vehicle  
2015-108 Opportunities for Employers To Create a Safer and Healthier Workforce  
2015-101 Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle Safety  
2014-139 Recommended Practices, Protecting Temporary Workers  
2014-126 Commercial Fishing Morbidity and Mortality, U.S. Distant Water Tuna Fleet, 2006-2012 PB2014-106318
2014-125 Preventing Worker Injuries and Deaths from Backing Construction Vehicles and Equipment at Roadway Construction Worksites PB2014-106317
2014-122 NIOSH Center for Motor Vehicle Safety: Strategic Plan for Research and Prevention, 2014-2018 PB2014-106270
2014-121 A Summary of NIOSH Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Extramural Research under the Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Initiative: A Quindecennial (1997–2011) of Progress  
2014-120 Preventing Deaths and Injuries to Fire Fighters by Establishing Collapse Zones at Structure Fires PB2014-105962
2014-115 Paul Revere: A Story of Survival in Bristol Bay  
2014-112 Hispanic-Operated Farms, 2008  
2014-111 Racial Minority-Operated Farms, 2008  
2014-109 NIOSH Youth@Work-Talking Safety Curriculum for California  
2014-108 Preventing Falls through the Design of Roof Parapets PB2014-103074
2014-107 Live to be Salty Posters