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Impact Wellbeing

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The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) Impact Wellbeing™ campaign gives hospital leaders evidence-informed solutions to:

  • Reduce healthcare worker burnout,
  • Sustain wellbeing, and
  • Build a system where healthcare workers thrive.

Challenging working conditions, such as staff shortages, harassment, and violence, drive burnout and other poor mental health outcomes.1 It is critical to address the workplace policies and practices that impact wellbeing to reduce burnout and strengthen professional wellbeing. 2,3

Impact Wellbeing™ Guide: Taking Action to Improve Healthcare Worker Wellbeing

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Cover of the Impact Wellbeing Guide, which has an African American physician speaking to a listening white female executive as they walk down a hallway.

Explore NIOSH’s Impact Wellbeing Guide for a step-by-step systems approach to improving wellbeing and building trust between leaders and healthcare workers.

For Hospital Leaders

Communicate Effectively
Icon of two overlapping speech bubbles

Discover tips and best practices for hospital leaders to effectively communicate with their staff.

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Prioritize Professional Wellbeing
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Learn strategies to prioritize professional wellbeing in your hospital.

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For Healthcare Workers

Talking about Mental Health at Work
Icon of a person on a video call on a computer monitor, with a speech bubble of a heart.

Learn tips to help you start conversations about burnout and mental health with your peers.

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Advocating for Professional Wellbeing
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Use these tips to talk to leadership about implementing the Impact Wellbeing Guide in your organization.

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About the Impact Wellbeing Campaign

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Read more about the Impact Wellbeing campaign’s development, goals, audiences, and core messages.

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Portrait of an African American man with a  beard in medical scrubs outdoors, wearing a jacket and backpack looking hopeful.

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Learn more about findings that informed the development of the Impact Wellbeing campaign.

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The Role of NIOSH in Improving Worker Wellbeing

NIOSH empowers employers with the resources they need to protect their workforce. Learn more about NIOSH’s Total Worker Health (TWH) approach.

Impact Wellbeing was developed by NIOSH in collaboration with the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation to support hospital leaders, and in turn their healthcare workforce, to improve professional wellbeing.

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