Pending Investigations/Reports


Pending Investigations
Report No. Incident Date Event Description
2016-09 06/06/2016 Volunteer fire fighter drowns during SCUBA recovery operation – North Carolina
2018-13 07/23/2018 Career fire fighter falls thru floor at residential house fire – Maryland
2019-01 01/05/2019 Career Lieutenant killed and fire fighter seriously injured by explosion while fighting fire at grain processing facility – Iowa
2019-02 03/01/2019 Career captain dies in flashover in residential apartment building – Maine
2019-03 03/05/2019 Career captain killed by structural collapse at residential structure fire – Illinois
2019-04 10/17/2018 Probationary fire fighter collapses and dies following SCBA maze confidence training – Arizona
2019-05 02/28/2018 Volunteer fire fighter found deceased at home soon after completing fire department training – Vermont
2019-09 05/05/2019 Paid-on-call fire fighter trapped and dies following stairway collapse in two-story vacant structure fire – Illinois
2019-16 09/16/2019 Part-time Paid Captain Killed in Natural Gas Explosion – Maine
2019-17 09/01/2018 Volunteer Assistant Chief suffered fatal medical emergency while working a vehicle crash scene – Maryland
2019-18 11/13/2019 Career Lt became trapped on third floor of a multi-residential Building – Massachusetts
2020-01 12/07/2019 Fell from a 5 story multi-family structure fire – Colorado
2020-02 01/05/2020 FF died in a floor collapse into basement in a Modular home fire – Missouri
2020-03 01/10/2020 Unresponsive in his Office – Alabama
2020-05 06/08/2019 FF complained of not feeling well 48 hrs later found deceased at home – Missouri
2020-06 07/29/2019 WFF cadet died while on training hike – California
2020-07 01/11/2020 Responding to structure fire in an Engine when it rolled over – West Virginia
2020-10 02/18/2020 A Career Captain and Firefighter die while trapped on second floor searching a Public Building Fire – California
2020-11 03/09/2020 Firefighter Killed by the Collapse of a Porch Roof at a Residential Structure Fire – Pennsylvania
2021-08 03/03/2021 Firefighter suffered a medical emergency at a training exercise – New York
2021-09 12/27/2020 Senior airman/firefighter was struck by a beam while battling a fire – West Virginia
2021-10 03/23/2021 Volunteer Firefighter dies after becoming trapped at an assisted living facility fire and 3 firefighters injured – New York
2021-11 05/12/2021 Firefighter found unconscious on second floor of residential home – Connecticut
2021-12 07/4/2021 Firefighter found unresponsive on the third floor of the single-family dwelling – Pennsylvania
2021-13 07/24/2021 Firefighter dies and two other firefighters injured while preparing to leave the scene of vehicle incident with injuries – Pennsylvania
2021-14 08/11/2021 Captain fell through the first floor into the basement – Maryland

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