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Pending Investigations/Reports

Report No. Incident Date Event Description
2008-24 05/31/2008 Trainee Dies after Live-Fire Training - OK
2012-12 04/07/2012 Volunteer Fire Chief killed by roof collapse at a restaurant / bar fire – Tennessee
2013-27 12/15/2013

Career Lieutenant dies following structural collapse during overhaul operations at arson fire - Georgia

2014-14 07/05/2014

Career Lieutenant dies during search operations in a high-rise apartment building – New York

2014-18 08/06/2014

Volunteer Ass’t Fire Chief killed by roof collapse at commercial structure fire – Indiana

2014-19 10/07/2014

Career Fire Fighter dies from injuries sustained at residential structure fire – Connecticut

2014-25 12/09/2014

Career Fire Fighter is trapped and dies following rapid fire progression in residential structure – Pennsylvania

2014-26 12/19/2014

Volunteer Fire Fighter dies several days after being rescued from the basement of a burning residential structure – New York

2015-05 06/08/2014

Volunteer Fire Fighter falls ill and dies at scene of commercial warehouse fire – New Jersey

2015-06 03/26/2015

Career Fire Apparatus Operator dies after falling down unsecured elevator shaft - Ohio

2015-07 04/24/2015

Lieutenant suffers heart attack at structure fire and dies 10 days later – Georgia

2015-08 05/23/2015

Career Captain drowns after stepping into flooded storm drain following civilian rescue operation - Oklahoma

2015-09 05/06/2015

Career Lieutenant suffers cardiac arrest and dies at structure fire – District of Columbia

2015-10 05/04/2015

Career Fire Fighter suffers cardiac arrest working at structure fire – New York

2015-11 11/05/2014

Volunteer Fire Fighter dies 3 months after suffering cardiac arrest at structure fire - Pennsylvania

2015-13 06/28/2015

Career Fire Fighter dies after falling through roof while searching for fire extension from dumpster fire - Colorado

2015-14 08/06/2014

Volunteer Fire Department Safety Officer dies 4 hours after participating in training exercise at department - Montana

2015-15 10/12/2015

Two career fire fighters die from injuries sustained in a structural collapse at an apartment building fire – Missouri

2015-16 06/06/2015

Veteran Fire Corps crewmember suffers a medical emergency while participating in the Wildland Firefighter Work Capacity Test – Arizona

2015-17 06/10/2015

Wildland Fire Operations Supervisor collapses and died following physical fitness training – Idaho

2015-18 12/14/2015

Career fire fighter falls down unsecured elevator shaft during search at commercial structure fire – Illinois

2015-19 12/28/2015

Career fire fighter falls through floor into basement at residential arson fire – Ohio

2015-20 12/19/2015

Volunteer fire captain becomes separated from crew and dies after fighting basement fire – New York

2015-21 04/12/2015

Volunteer fire fighter dies in basement fire – South Dakota

2016-01 08/31/2015

Career fire fighter becomes ill and collapses while on duty at station – Minnesota

2016-02 11/19/2015

Career fire sergeant passes away in sleep in quarters at fire station – Michigan

2016-03 11/20/2015

Career fire captain suffers heart attack while working on fire boat – Michigan

2016-04 01/02/2016

Volunteer fire fighter trainee becomes ill and collapses during search and rescue training at fire academy  – Michigan

2016-05 03/31/2016

Career fire fighter recruit suffers heat stress and dies during maze training – Texas

2016-06 04/15/2016

Career fire fighter / paramedic killed and volunteer fire fighter / EMT wounded when shot during welfare check – Maryland

2016-07 04/30/2016

Volunteer fire fighter suffers smoke inhalation and dies fighting commercial strip mall fire – North Carolina

2016-08 08/22/2015

Volunteer fire fighter suffers cardiac arrest following fire department parade – New York

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