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NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

What’s New 2012

This page contains a listing of FACE reports and publications that were added to the FACE site in 2012.




Report NumberTitleDate Posted

CA_Fact_26 A Day Laborer Dies When He Falls from a Scaffold
MI_Alert_15 Falls From Scaffolds can be Prevented, Michigan
12CA002 A Maintenance Worker Dies From Exposure to Dichloromethane, California
11CA005 A House Painter Dies When He Falls Through a Roof Opening, California
11CA004 A Roofing Supervisor Dies When He Falls Though a Skylight, California
10CA009 A Psychiatric Technician Dies from a Patient Assault at a Forensic Psychiatric Facility, California
11KY009 Semi Truck Driver Falls Asleep While Driving, Crashes and Dies, Kentucky
10KY043 Steel Worker Falls from Highway Bridge and Dies, Kentucky
10KY008 Semi Tractor-Trailer Driver Dies in Median Crossover Crash; 10 Others Die, Kentucky
WA_71-114-2012 Farm Laborer Killed by Falling 1,500 lb Hay Bale


Report Number Title Date Posted
WA_71-113-2012 Crane Operator Dies after Falling from Crane Turntable Deck


Report Number Title Date Posted

Carpet Installer Dies After Falling 32 Feet at a Commercial Jobsite


07NY107 Master Stonemason Dies in a 30-foot Fall From a Handmade Work Platform Attached to a Powered Industrial Truck
Occup Environ Med Evaluation of a Nationally Funded State-Based Programme to Reduce Fatal Occupational Injuries 08/06


Report Number Title Date Posted
MA_Alert_042012 Bathtub Refinisher Dies from Exposure to Methylene Chloride 07/19
WA_71-110-2012 Dairy Worker Struck by Bull 07/12


Report Number Title Date Posted
11MA008 Municipal Lead Custodian Dies in Fall from Mobile Scaffolding, Massachusetts 06/26
10MA036 Carpenter Fell from the Roof of a Single Family Home Under Construction, Massachusetts 06/26
11CA006 An Automotive Mechanic Dies from Thermal Burns when the Gasoline He was Pouring into a Vehicle Ignited, California 06/26
WA_71-110-2012 Painter Falls from Stepladder 06/11
11CA003 A Tree Trimmer is Electrocuted When a Tree Branch Falls onto Energized Electric Power Lines, California 06/11
11CA002 A Day Laborer Dies When He Falls Off a Scaffold, California 06/11
11CA001 A Plumber Dies When He Falls from the Second Floor of a Building after Stepping on Unsupported Plywood Formwork, California 06/11
10CA011 An Orchard Caretaker Dies When He is Pulled into a Wood Chipper, California 06/11
10CA008 A Construction Worker Dies When a Fully Extended Scissor Lift Falls Over, California 06/11


Report Number Title Date Posted
10CA006 A Gardener Dies When He Falls Out of a Tree While Trimming, California 05/31
10CA005 A Mechanic Dies When He is Crushed by the Hydraulic Arm of a Recyclable Refuse Collection Truck, California 05/31
09CA007 Warehouse Worker Dies When He Falls Through a Skylight, California 05/31
09CA004 A Chemist Dies from Burns Caused by Mixing Chemicals, California 05/29
09CA002 Construction Laborer Dies After Being Crushed Under a Concrete Patio Foundation, California 05/29
MA_Alert_042012 Temporary Agencies and Worksite Employers Share Responsibility for Keeping Temporary Workers Safe 05/23
MA_Brochure_042012 Myths and Facts about Falls in Residential Construction 05/23

Fatal Falls Among Massachusetts Construction Workers, 2007-2011

MA_Update_042011 Fatal Injuries at Work: Massachusetts Fatality Update, 2009 05/23
08CA009 A Diesel Mechanic Dies When He is Crushed Between the Tire and the Cab of a Fire Truck, California 05/22
08CA006 Laborer Dies When He Falls 35 Feet From a Scaffold After Being Electrocuted,California 05/17
07CA008 Material Handler Dies When She is Crushed Against a Podium by a Backing Forklift, California 05/17
CA_Alert Methylene chloride linked to worker death in church – California 05/17
WA_81-7-2011 Preventing Injuries and Fatalities Among Landscape Service Workers in Washington State 05/02




Report Number Title Date Posted
CA_Alert_012012 Methylene chloride linked to worker death in tank – California 02/23
WA_71-106-2011 Skid-Steer Loader Operator Crushed Between Backhoe Attachment and Cab – Washington 02/23
11MA1NF Two 11th Grade Students Shocked in Separate Incidents in the Same Electrical Technology Vocational School Program – Massachusetts 02/14
10MA032 Immigrant Roofer Struck by a Bag of Gravel that Fell from a Roof 02/14
10MA019 Immigrant Roofer Electrocuted When an Aluminum Ladder Platform Hoist Contacted Overhead Power Line 02/14
09MA044 Mechanic Repairing a Multi Terrain Loader Pinned between the Loader’s Lift Arm and Frame 02/14
09MA042 Warehouse Worker Fatally Injured when Struck by Falling Metal Grates 02/14
08MI009 Journeyman Mason Dies After Stepping Backward Off a Raised Mobile Scaffold 02/02
08KY065 Out-of-State Electrician Electrocuted While Restoring Service at a Personal Residence 02/02