FACE Reports Brought to Life

Every FACE report provides details of the conditions and series of events that led to a deadly incident and concludes with recommendations for preventing similar deaths. Listed below are videos created by NIOSH and partners from FACE reports, each based on the true story of a fatal incident.

Videos and Digital Stories

Truck Driver Buried in Smoldering Mulch
About 600 workers are killed every year in the solid waste industry. The truck driver in this video was killed while getting a load of mulch at a town compost site.

Plumber Killed in a Catastrophic Trench Collapse
Two workers are killed every month in trench collapses in the United States. This video tells the story of how a 46 year-old plumber became one of those victims.

Preventing Worker Drowningsexternal icon
Lake maintenance workers face unique risks when working over or near bodies of water. This video explains the events that led to the drowning death of a worker.

Carpet Installer Fatalityexternal icon
A story to prevent falls in construction.

Look Up and Live
Illustration of how an aluminum ladder plus power lines can be a deadly combination.

No New Year
Tragic story of a New Year’s Eve trench collapse.

A Simple Task
Describes how a worker washing windows during final clean-up of a new condominium fell from a ladder

FACE Safety Break Tailgate Training Cardsexternal icon
These trainings about fatal worker falls are paired with two short safety videos

Palm Tree Trimming Tragedy
Describes how to prevent palm tree trimmer fatalities

Owner of Towing Company Dies When Struck by Box Truckmedia iconexternal icon
Describes how the owner-operator of a towing company died when he was struck by a driver operating a box truck

Methylene Chloride and Bathtubs – A Dangerous Combination
Explains the events that led to a professional bathtub refinisher’s death while using methylene chloride to strip an aprartment bathtub

Preventing Falls Through Skylights
Explains the events that led to a roofing supervisor’s death after he fell 30 feet through a warehouse roof skylight onto a floor

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