ERHMS Info Manager™ Change Log

February 2018—New Release 2.0.0


  • Startup behavior: the user is shown a newly designed startup screen and prompted to open the previously used data source.
  • Responder linking behavior: when importing data from Epi Info™ Web Survey, records are automatically linked to responders based on email address.  This allows responders to use the same hyperlink to fill out multiple instances of a web survey.


  • Support for more in-depth auditing and logging
  • Option to connect to SQL Server® using Windows® authentication
  • Option for encrypted connections to SQL Server®
  • The ability to detect and merge duplicate responders
  • Job ticketing (i.e., tracking of roles, teams, and jobs within incidents)
  • Access to form-based actions (import, export, etc.) on the responder list screen
  • Basic responder and incident reports, available in the Reports subsection of the corresponding screens
  • Shortcut to ZIP deployment
  • Explanatory text throughout the application for improved usability
Page last reviewed: July 24, 2017