NIOSH Video Help

Q: How can I order NIOSH Videos?
A: VHS and DVD copies of NIOSH-TV and Mining programs can be ordered from the NIOSH Publications Office.

Q: What is low bandwidth?
A: Bandwidth is the speed/transfer rate at which you are connected to the internet. If you are using a dial up Modem, your speed is usually between 14~56 kilobytes per second. This is considered a slow to moderate speed for data transfer, and you should use the low setting.

Q: What is high bandwidth?
A: High bandwidth is usually any internet connection speed/transfer rate over 90 kilobytes per second. This faster speed, also known as Broadband, is facilitated by Modem configurations known as DSL, ADSL, T-1, T3, and Cable Modems.

Q: Flash Video Download vs. Real Media Streams?
A: Flash Video downloads to your hard drive, and the video will run independently without a live internet connection.

The streaming Real Media files require a plug-in and an internet connection to play the multimedia files.

Q: What is Real Media Streaming?
A: Real Media streaming technology plays audio and video files as they download. No media file is stored on your computer.

Q: What if the file does not download?
A: Be patient. The Flash files are large and may require additional time to download completely.

Q: What if the file does not stream?
A: Update your Real Media player to the latest version.