NIOSH Impact Sheets

Stories of Impact:

NIOSH has developed a series of products called Impact Sheets designed to clearly and concisely communicate the relevance and impact of its research to industry, labor, academic, government, and non-government stakeholders. Impact Sheets briefly describe an occupational safety or health hazard, the specific NIOSH or NIOSH-funded research activity that was conducted to address the hazard, the resulting impact or recommendations, and certain salient statistics. In addition, they serve as a communication tool to promote use and adoption of the knowledge, interventions, best practices, and technologies generated from the research. Several of the Impact Sheets feature award-winning projects that have demonstrated impact on worker safety and health in various industries including construction, healthcare, manufacturing, mining, nanotechnology, and public safety, as well as featured projects from the first and second decades of The National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA).

Impact Sheets

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