Building Air Quality

June 1998
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 98-123
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Action Plan


Appendix 2: Training Resources⁄Training for IAQ Managers

Building Air Quality – Action Plan: An Introduction to Building Air Quality – Action Plan is a four-hour introductory course on Building Air Quality – Action Plan: A Guide for Building Owners and Facility Managers. It is highly interactive, introducing the causes of indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, providing suggestions on diagnosing and mitigating IAQ problems, and showing how to prevent them from occurring in the first place. The course is specifically designed to meet the training needs of building owners and facility managers. The instructor’s guide, slides and student manual can be purchased through the Department of Commerce, Technology Administration, National Technology Information Service (NTIS)external icon. The order number for the kit is AVA19188SS00, and the number for NTIS is 1-703-487-4650 (for two-day “rush” orders only, call 1-800-553-NTIS). The NTIS web site contains other ordering information, including email and FAX ordering forms and information, but you cannot order directly at their web-site. Please note that this document is not listed in their web-accessed, searchable database.

Other Available EPA Training

Orientation to Indoor Air Quality (OIAQ) is an overview course that addresses the needs of personnel who are working to resolve indoor air pollution problems. It provides information about indoor air pollution sources and their health effects; how buildings operate; what guidelines are available to identify indoor air quality hazard levels (and their limitations) and, recommended approaches to indoor quality problem prevention, diagnosis and mitigation and prevention for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Check with the EPA Regional IAQ coordinators (Appendix 3) to determine whether this training course is being presented in your area. The Orientation to Indoor Air Quality (OIAQ) course is available for purchase from the NTISexternal icon. The order number for the OIAQ Instructor Kit is AVA19276SS00. To obtain additional copies of the OIAQ Student Manual (in units of 10) use order number AVA19277BB00. The toll free number for the NTIS is listed above, though, again, these documents are not listed in their web-accessed database.

Basic IAQ Hands On Measurements and Diagnostics: Basic Tools for Evaluating the Indoor Air Environment is a one-day training course that provides hands-on awareness in IAQ measurements, instrumentation and the limitations of data interpretation. It is directed to health and building professionals with little background in the design and evaluation of non-industrial ventilation systems. Check with EPA Regional IAQ coordinators (Appendix 3) to determine if this training course is being offered in your area.

Introduction to Indoor Air Quality is a two-volume home-study course produced under a cooperative agreement between the National Environmental Health Association, the U. S. Public Health Service and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Its primary focus is residential indoor air quality. The course may be purchased for $47.00 through the National Environmental Health Association, 720 South Colorado Boulevard, #970 South Tower, Denver, Colorado 80246-1925. This document contains nine lessons with review questions and a final examination. Environmental Health professionals may receive continuing education credits from the National Environmental Health Association by passing the final examination with an acceptable score. The second volume contains reference data and useful tools for practical applications and problem solving.

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