NIOSH Grants, Research and Demonstration Projects, Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1985

September 1986
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 86-123
 86-123 Cover

This report provided a readily available source of information on the scope and status of the NIOSH research grants program for Federal Year 1985. Broad areas of research included occupational lung diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, occupational cancers, traumatic injuries, cardiovascular diseases, reproductive disorders, neurotoxic disorders, noise induced hearing loss, dermatologic conditions, psychological disorders, control technology research, respirator research, and other occupational concerns. Specific areas of interest included aerosol disposition, granite industry workers, asbestos (1332214) exposure, poultry workers, semiconductor workers, tannin (1401554) exposure, phosgene (75445) poisoning, byssinosis, beryllium (7440417) exposure, textile workers, coal dust, fire fighters, miners, farmer’s lung, low back injury, lifting capacity, carpal tunnel syndrome, trauma disorders, aflatoxin exposures, carcinogens, formaldehyde (50000), diesel particulates, leukemia risk in linemen, protein synthesis, silicosis, explosions due to grain dust, cardiovascular diseases, lead poisoning, heart disease in metalworkers, pesticide exposures, mutagens, teratogens, radiation effects, benzene (71432), central nervous system disorders, neuropathology, Alzheimer’s disease, dioxin exposure, nickel (7440020) dermatitis, and solvent exposures.

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