NIOSH Certified Equipment List as of October 1, 1985

October 1985
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 86-101
86-101 Cover

The NIOSH certified equipment list of coal mine dust personal sampler units and respiratory protective devices updated to October 1, 1985 is presented. The publication was prepared by the Certification Branch (CB), Division of Safety Research, NIOSH. Other functions of the CB include publishing certification requirements, testing and certifying products meeting those requirements, auditing manufacturing facilities to determine the acceptability of their quality assurance programs, sampling products from the open market and testing them for continued conformance to certification requirements, and performing research on developing new test methods and requirements for product improvement. The publication lists products certified as of October 1, 1985, contains tables of information concerning certified coal mine dust personal sampler units and respirators, updates the lists of approved applicants, and lists some of the more common cautions and limitations for specific respirator classes. Appendices include NIOSH policy statements on approval of air purifying respirators with end of service life indicators and using respirators for protection against asbestos, and respirator users’ notices.

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