Proceedings of a Workshop on the Use of Diesel Equipment in Underground Coal Mines

October 1982
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 82-122
82-122 Cover

The proceedings of a workshop on using diesel equipment in underground coal mines were presented. The workshop was attended by industrial, labor, government, and academic representatives from the United States, Canada, West Germany, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Sweden, South Africa, and Australia. Presentations at the workshop consisted of discussions of NIOSH’s research activities related to using diesel engines in underground mines, the viewpoint of the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration towards diesel engines in underground mines, and highlights of the experiences of Canada, Great Britain, South Africa, Japan, New South Wales (Australia), Sweden, and the United States in using diesel equipment in underground coal mines. Summaries of work group discussions on emissions and control techniques for diesel engines, factors relevant to the interaction and characterization of diesel exhaust components in mine air, the health effects of diesel emissions, and the safety hazard and work productivity aspects associated with diesel equipment were included.