Occupational Safety and Health Research and Demonstration Grants. FY 1975


July 1975
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 76-101

This booklet described the research and demonstration projects supported through grants from NIOSH to further the efforts of occupational safety and health. These projects and grants covered the following areas: behavioral and motivational factors, biological and environmental sampling and analysis, dermatology, epidemiology, equipment safety, ergonomics, head and body protection, occupational respiratory diseases, physical agents, physical and chemical analysis, physiology, and toxicology and pathology. Specific tasks dealt with computer based training for watchkeeping tasks, working conditions, job satisfaction, antihistamine effects on motor skills and vigilance, job demands and worker health, laser material processing, metal sensitivity, occupational dermatitis, depigmentation, death rates among Italian railroad employees, respiratory disease in firefighters, cancer mortality in virologists, survivorship of radiologists, leukemia associated with agricultural occupations, agricultural tractor operator protection, back injuries, lifting capacity, shift workers, farmer’s lung, allergic pulmonary aspergillosis, byssinosis, coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, coat dust, asbestos (1332214) workers neoplasia, silicosis, noise exposures, trace metal analysis, heat stress, manganese (7439965) poisoning, hydrocarbon metabolism, diisocyanates, cadmium (7440439) toxicity, aerosols, lung cell damage, compressed air workers, methyl-methacrylate (80626) toxicity, foundries, and hearing loss.

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