2008 Direct-Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (D.R.E.A.M.) Workshop

April 2009
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2009-133


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Overview of Workshoppdf icon [PDF -95 KB] – David Weissman, MD

Plenary Sessions

  • Radiation detection in the 21st century Basics, sources, applications, hazards & challenges – Part One [PDF – 373 KB] – Morgan Cox, CHP
  • Radiation Detection in the 21st Century and the Impact of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Radiation Detection Instrumentation – Part Two [PDF – 241 KB] – Morgan Cox, CHP
  • Selection of DRMs and What They Mean to the Workerpdf icon [PDF – 1 MB] – Jon Volkwein
  • BCOA-UMWA Consensus Principles [PDF – 37 KB] – James Weeks
  • Validation of DRMs (and How Not To Validate Them) [PDF – 781 KB] – Matthew Magnuson, PhD
  • Integration of Activity Through Position [PDF – 2.3 MB] – Peng-Yau Wang, PhD
  • DRMs as Tools for Industrial Hygiene Troubleshooting and Exposure Assessment [PDF – 900 KB] – William Heitbrink, PhD
  • How to Collect DRM Data Based on Use [PDF – 3.4 MB] – Stephen Rappaport, PhD

Breakout Sessions

Gases and Vapors

  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Countermeasures [PDF – 737 KB] – Dr. Rebecca Blackmon
  • Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods (DREAM): A Large Chemical Producer’s Perspective [PDF – 220 KB] – Mark W. Spence, CIH
  • Direct Reading Exposure Assessment Methods for Isocyanates: Current Options and Future Needs [PDF – 256 KB] – Mark W. Spence, CIH
  • Direct Reading Instruments and OSHA [PDF – 836 KB] – Dean R. Lillquist, PhD, CIH
  • Sensor Development for ESLI and Application to Chemical Detectionpdf icon [PDF – 4.2 MB] – Jay Snyder



  • Direct measurement of force exposure in hand tool use [PDF – 1.2 MB] – Ray McGorry


  • Direct-Reading Noise Exposure Assessment Methods: Noise Exposure Instrumentation [PDF – 427 KB] – Robert G. Brauch
  • Direct-Reading Exposure Assessment Methods [PDF – 1.1 MB] – Kris Chesky, PhD
  • A Historical Perspective on the Evaluation, Standardization and Certification of Personal Noise Dosimeters [PDF – 801 KB] – John P. Seiler, PE
  • Noise Exposure Metrics [PDF – 57 KB] – John J. Earshen, MS
  • Physiological Basis for Time-Domain Direct-Reading Noise Hazard Assessment [PDF – 774 KB] – G. Richard Price


  • Presentations not available

Surface Sampling & Biomonitoring

Wrap-up Sessions

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