Specific Medical Tests or Examinations Published in the Literature for OSHA-Regulated Substances


December 2004
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2005-110

Ethoxyethanol, 2- (ethyl cellosolve)
CAS No: 110-80-5



(1) Efficacy of Medical Tests has not been evaluated.
(2) NIOSH references include diagnostic, screening, and other tests.
(3) OSHA mandated medical tests, if any, are provided in BOLD on a yellow background.
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(5) If a medical test/examination contains multiple references, each is listed separately.

Ethoxyethanol, 2- (ethyl cellosolve)
Specific Medical Test(s) or Examination(s) Reference(s)
Baselt RC. Urine (chemical/metabolite)
  • End of Shift at End of Workweek

Biological Monitoring Methods for Industrial Chemicals. 3rd Edition. Chemical Toxicology Institute,1997.

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