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Top Finalists for 2013

Projects are listed in alphabetical order by category. Order of listing does not necessarily reflect the order in which the projects were ranked.

Knowledge Category

Project Title: Development of the NIOSH CROPS Topic Page for the Transfer of Applied Research Knowledge

Project Officer & Key Contributors: Eugene McKenzie, Jr.; Douglas Cantis; David Hard; Joyce Spiker; Cathy Rotunda

NIOSH Location: Morgantown

Intervention Category

Project Title: Enhancing the Performance of Fire Fighter Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Face Piece Lenses

Project Officer & Key Contributors: Timothy Merinar; Matt Bowyer; Virginia Lutz; Stephen Miles; Murrey Loflin; Nancy Romano; Jay Tarley; John Sines; Stacy Wertman; Tom Pouchot; Bill Haskell; John Szalajda; Thomas Hales; Tommy Baldwin; Stephen Berardinelli, Jr.; Heinz Ahlers

NIOSH Locations: Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati

Project Title: A Visual Warning System to Reduce Moving Equipment Pinning and Striking Fatalities and Injuries

Project Officer & Key Contributors: John Sammarco; Timothy Lutz; Justin Srednicki; Timothy Matty; Alan Mayton; Sean Gallagher; Miguel Reyes; Mary Ellen Nelson; Albert Cook; Jeffrey Yonkey

NIOSH Location: Pittsburgh

Project Title: Hazard Mapping Training for Restaurant Managers

Project Officer & Key Contributors: Raymond Sinclair; Thomas Cunningham; David Utterback

NIOSH Location: Cincinnati

Technology Category

Project Title: Intelligent Proximity Detection

Project Officer & Key Contributors: Jacob Carr; Joseph DuCarme; Christopher Jobes; Timothy Lutz; Miguel Reyes; Jeffrey Yonkey

NIOSH Location: Pittsburgh

Project Title: Field Attenuation Measurement for Hearing Protection Devices

Project Officer & Key Contributors: William Murphy; Mark Stephenson; David Byrne; Christa Themann

NIOSH Location: Cincinnati

Project Title: Development of Computer-Aided Face-Fit Evaluation Methods

Project Officer & Key Contributors: Ziqing Zhuang; Ronald Shaffer; Michael Bergman; Michael Joseph; William Newcomb; Jonathan Szalajda

NIOSH Location: Pittsburgh

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