NIOSH Centers

NIOSH has several “virtual centers” through which researchers at its geographically dispersed locations are linked by shared computer networks and other technologies – stimulating collaboration and helping overcome the challenges of working as a team across distances.

Center for Nanotechnology Research
Contact/Coordinator: Chuck Geraci (

Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies
Contact/Coordinator: Emanuele Cauda (

Center for Occupational Robotics Research
Contact/Coordinator: Jacob Carr (

Center for Productive Aging and Work
Contact/Co-Coordinators: James Grosch ( and Gigi Petery (

Center for Maritime Safety and Health Studies
Contact/Coordinator: Alice Shumate (

Center for Motor Vehicle Safety
Contact/Coordinator: Kyla Retzer (

Center for Work and Fatigue Research
Contact/Coordinator: Imelda Wong (

Center for Workers’ Compensation Studies
Contact/Coordinator: Steve Wurzelbacher (