Hemovigilance Module Webinar Request Form

Webinars are informative 30-60 min long presentations offered by NHSN HV staff on a variety of topics and sometimes include the opportunity for module demonstrations.


Submit a webinar request for the NHSN Hemovigilance Module by completing the Training Request Form. Please keep a copy of the request for your reference.

The Training Request Form will be processed within 2-4 weeks of submission. The NHSN HV staff will send a follow-up email to the point of contact entered on the form.


Training Request Form

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Thank you for your interest and/or participation in the NHSN Hemovigilance Module.
We look forward to responding to your request. Please refer any further questions, concerns, and inquiries to nhsn@cdc.gov and add ‘Biovigilance’ to the subject line for faster response.