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Blood Safety Surveillance

Resources for NHSN Users

Facility Enrollment or Component Activation


Introduction to Hemovigilance Module Reporting

Audience: All Beginner and Intermediate users of the Hemovigilance Module.

Description: This training will include a complete introduction to the NHSN Hemovigilance Module reporting requirements, related documents and forms, and the reporting timeline. Continuing education credits (CEU’s) are available for successful completion.

Hemovigilance Module: Introduction to Analysis [PDF – 941K]

Audience: All Hemovigilance Module users.

Description: This training provides a complete overview of the Hemovigilance Module’s analysis feature.

Hemovigilance Module Quick Learn Series (2016)

Audience: All Hemovigilance Module users.

Description: Quick Learns are short narrated videos that describe the Hemovigilance Module reporting forms and some questions.

Webinar Request Form

Audience: All current and prospective Hemovigilance users.

Description: Complete this form to request a webinar.


Table of Contents:

Data Collection Forms

Hemovigilance Module Annual Facility Surveys

Please select the appropriate annual facility survey.

Hemovigilance Module Monthly Reporting Plan

Hemovigilance Module Monthly Incident Summary

Hemovigilance Module Monthly Reporting Denominators

Hemovigilance Module Adverse Reaction Forms

Please select the appropriate adverse reaction form.

Hemovigilance Module Incident Form

Supporting Material

Quick Reference Guides

Analysis Resources

Electronic Reporting


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