Surveillance for pedVAP and PNEU Events

Ventilator-associated* and non-ventilator-associated Pneumonia (PNEU)

* In-Plan Pediatric Locations Only

NOTE: PNEU/VAP (pedVAP) surveillance is available in-plan for patients of any age in non-NICU pediatric locations.  In-plan PedVAE surveillance can be conducted for mechanically-ventilated patients in pediatric and neonatal inpatient locations. For in-plan surveillance conducted for mechanically-ventilated patients in adult locations (regardless of age), use the Ventilator-Associated Event (VAE) Protocol pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB].

Resources for NHSN Users Already Enrolled

For full details on protocol definitions and the application of these definitions, please review the applicable protocol and Chapter 2, Identifying Healthcare-associated Infection (HAI) for NHSN Surveillance in the NHSN Module.

All Data Collection Forms are Print-only

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