Additional Information


It shall be the responsibility of each exhibitor to maintain insurance coverage against injury to persons, damage to or loss of property, or to meet obligations under this agreement, in such amounts as the exhibitor shall deem adequate. Insurance will not be provided by the 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference, its sponsors, co-sponsors, or partners.


The sponsor, co-sponsors, and partners of the 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference and their staffs have no liability to any exhibitor for any personal injury, death, or damage to property (including display area) occurring and/or arising from actions of the exhibitor, his/her employees, agents, or licensees. Each exhibitor, in making application to reserve booth space, agrees to protect, indemnify, and hold harmless the conference sponsor, co-sponsors, partners, and their staffs, as well as the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the Hyatt Corporation, and the Official Exposition Service Provider from any and all claims, liability, damages, or demands which may arise from or be asserted in connection with the foregoing undertaking and responsibilities of the exhibitor.


The 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference reserves the right to rearrange the floor, relocate any exhibit, and remove any exhibit that does not comply with established rules. All exposed areas in a display must be draped to ensure the attractiveness of the Exhibit Hall. Show management reserves the right to cover unsightly areas and will submit charges to the exhibitor.

In the event that it is necessary to cancel the 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference prior to the scheduled opening date, due to any causes beyond the control of the 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference, including but not limited to damage or destruction of the Exhibit Hall or labor strikes, the Conference may retain as much of the payment for exhibit space as is necessary to cover expenses incurred up to the time of such emergency.


All persons working in the Exhibit Hall must wear a conference badge at all times. Exhibitors will receive two free full conference registrations with badges. All other persons who wish to be in the Exhibit Hall (e.g., working, supervising) must pay registration fees in accordance with registration guidelines in order to obtain a badge. Additional full conference badges may be purchased.


Exhibitors may sell merchandise from booths during the Exhibit Hall hours of operation. Alcohol or tobacco products will not be sold or distributed by exhibitors at any time during the conference. Exhibitors may distribute or sell small food items or beverages, e.g., candy and bottled water. However, extensive food or coffee service must be coordinated through the catering department of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel.


The conference organizers will provide general security services in the Exhibit Hall. However, each exhibitor is still responsible for the items in their assigned space.


Questions about exhibiting at the conference should be directed to Luschane Norris at