Presentation Types

Scientific or programmatic abstracts can be presented as oral presentations, panel presentations, or poster presentations.
Only oral or storytelling abstracts are accepted for Late Breakers.

Storytelling abstracts can only be presented as storytelling presentations. Please note the selections below are preferences, but may be changed by the Track Chairs for certain abstracts.


Oral presentation abstracts will be accepted individually and combined with other presentations into sessions by the conference track chairs, with typically five speakers per session. Each speaker will have 10 minutes for their presentation, immediately followed by 5 minutes for Q&A. Full sessions will take 90 minutes.


These sessions provide an opportunity to share a personal story that resulted in a lesson learned that can be applied broadly to the HIV prevention field. Speakers will have 15 minutes and may share up to 15 image-based slides (limited text). To help these sessions focus on the story, there will be no podium—just the presenter on the stage. Stories can be funny, serious, emotional and/or practical, but must be true. No audio or video links will be permitted.

Authors must submit a brief (60 to 90 second) video demonstrating a dynamic presentation or story in addition to the written abstract. Links to a previous presentation or quick video sharing a little about the story are encouraged. The goal of this video is to demonstrate the speaker’s ability to keep the audience’s attention.


(Does not apply for Late Breakers)
Panel presentation abstracts will be accepted as a group of relevant papers that are organized and submitted together by the abstract authors as one 90-minute session.

A limited number of these sessions will be available in the conference program. Some authors submitting panel presentation abstracts may be asked to turn these presentations into individual oral presentations.

Authors must submit one summary abstract outlining the objectives for the entire panel. Additionally, authors must submit up to five individual abstracts that make up the panel session. All information on each speaker must be completed and accompany the abstracts.


(Does not apply for Late Breakers)
There will be two poster presentation sessions during the 2019 National HIV Prevention Conference – one on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, and one on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. The conference organizers will determine how the posters will be grouped once all confirmations have been received. Authors will hang their posters on the designated board where it will be displayed with an hour-long Poster Session each day, during which they will stand by their posters and share information with other attendees. Information on poster size and assigned presentation day/time will be sent to authors after abstracts have been accepted.