NCIRD Specific Radio PSAs

This media library lets you preview and download broadcast-standard audio files for CDC childhood and adolescent immunization campaigns. The resources are available free of charge for reproduction, and free or paid radio placement. Resources cannot be manipulated or changed.

To listen to a PSA, click on the link. To download an audio file, right click link and select “Save Target As…”.

If you experience difficulties downloading an audio file, please contact us.

PSA Transcripts pdf icon[PDF]

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) Radio

English Radio PSAs

Best Protection
Parents do lots of things to protect their baby, including immunization.

Choosing Immunization
Babies come with lots of decisions. Choose vaccination for safe, proven disease protection.

Spanish Radio PSAs

Visite al doctor
Usted hace todo lo posible para mantener a su bebe sano…

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