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Spring/Summer 2011



The 2011 Philip R. Horne Award was presented to Nancy Messonnier for unparalleled scientific contribution and leadership in advancing the mission of NCIRD and the prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases, and for exceptional mentorship and staff development.

Office of Commissioned Corps Personnel Approved Honor Awards – 2010
A Citation Medal was awarded to LCDR Jennifer Dolan for providing leadership and mentorship to undergraduate students in public health research.

A Commendation Medal was awarded to LCDR Brian Harcourt for contributions in researching mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in the United States.

A Commendation Medal was awarded to LCDR Lauri Hicks for leadership and dedication in the prevention of antimicrobial–resistant infections and promotion of appropriate antimicrobial use.

DBD Recognized at CDC and NCIRD 2010 Honor Awards Ceremonies
Jessica MacNeil was awarded the CDC and NCIRD Excellence in Public Health Service – Early Career / Diane Caves Public Health Service Award for outstanding contributions beyond expectation to the adolescent meningococcal vaccination program.

Brian Plikaytis was awarded the CDC and NCIRD Excellence in Human Capital Management – Employee Development / James Virgil Peavy Award in recognition of mentoring and training young epidemiologists, especially EIS Officers, and laboratorians in statistics.

Public Health.

The MenAfriVac™ Development and Implementation Group
(see photo at right) was awarded the NCIRD Public Health Impact Award for achieving licensure and successful first implementation of MenAfriVac™, a vaccine to eliminate serogroup A meningococcal epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa.

Deborah Hutchens was awarded the NCIRD Excellence in Administration Award for efficiently and expertly solving administrative challenges, improving branch efficiency, and supporting CDC’s mission.

The World Pneumonia Day Team was awarded the NCIRD Excellence in Coalition-Building Activities Award in recognition of developing and sustaining the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia and launching World Pneumonia Day.

Conrad Quinn was awarded the NCIRD Excellence in Leadership Award in recognition for leadership in anthrax pathogenesis, vaccines, and therapeutics development.

Thomas Clark was awarded the NCIRD Excellence in Team Leadership Award for outstanding leadership of the Division of Bacterial Diseases Meningitis and Vaccine Preventable Diseases Epidemiology Team during multiple U.S. pertussis outbreaks and implementation of the meningococcal A conjugate vaccine in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work Team, in partnership with DHQP’s Get Smart for Healthcare Team, was awarded the NCIRD Maximizing Outreach through Collaborations Award in recognition of the Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2010 team’s successful collaborations with new partners to reach a broader audience with messages on appropriate antibiotic use.

Stacey Martin was awarded the NCIRD Peer Recognition Award for outstanding leadership and mentorship to team members during multiple pertussis outbreaks in 2009-2010.

Barry Fields was awarded the NCIRD William C. Watson, Jr. Medal of Excellence for outstanding leadership, service, and internationally recognized contributions in policy, public health and laboratory science addressing prevention and control of respiratory diseases.

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