Influenza Division (ID)


The Influenza Division (ID) advances global prevention and control of seasonal and novel influenza and improves influenza pandemic preparedness and response.

Our Strategic Priorities:
  • Improve influenza vaccine impact by enhancing evaluation of vaccine effectiveness and developing communication campaigns, and supporting influenza vaccine development
  • Improve influenza detection and control by working with global and domestic partners to build surveillance and laboratory capacity, outbreak response, genomic sequencing, and modeling and forecasting of influenza burden
  • Improve influenza epidemic and pandemic risk assessment and readiness through the development of innovative programs, models, and tools
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What We Do:
  • Vaccines: Our world-renowned scientists are instrumental in providing data to select viruses for seasonal flu vaccines, choosing and developing candidate vaccine viruses for pandemic preparedness, and evaluating and improving vaccine effectiveness.
  • Surveillance: We monitor how influenza is spreading domestically and globally using our comprehensive surveillance systems and with cutting-edge research on genomic sequencing and advanced molecular detection to study the changes in influenza viruses and develop diagnostics.
  • Pandemic preparedness: We constantly prepare for the next pandemic, conducting risk assessments on emerging viruses, practicing and updating our preparedness plans, and building global preparedness and response capacity in hundreds of countries around the world.
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Where We Work:

ID works with more than 200 domestic and global laboratories, state, local, and territorial health departments, vital statistics offices, healthcare providers, and long-term care facilities. It also serves as a WHO Collaborating Center for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Control of Influenza.

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