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Table 4.0 Summary of Data Elements and Report Options

Data Element Options/Definitions
Mode of Determining a Manner or Cause of Death
  • Abstracter assigned
  • ICD-10 underlying cause of death
Intent (Manner) of Injury
  • All intents, or any combination of the following
    • Unintentional firearm
    • Homicide
    • Legal intervention
    • Suicide
    • Undetermined intent
    • Homicide followed by suicide, except when using ICD-10 mode
Cause (Mechanism) of Injury
  • All injury, or any combination of the following
    • Firearm (additional subcategories for abstractor assigned: all firearms, handgun, shotgun, rifle, other firearm, combination of firearms, unknown/not reported)
    • Cut/Pierce/Stab with sharp instrument
    • Struck by/against (additional subcategories for abstractor assigned: all, blunt instrument, personal weapons (hands, feet))
    • Poisoning (additional subcategories for abstractor assigned: all, street/recreational drugs only, alcohol only, prescription drugs only, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs only, carbon monoxide or other gas only, multiple drug combinations, other specified poison, unknown drugs/not reported)
    • Hanging, strangulation, suffocation
    • Fall
    • Drowning
    • Fire/Burn
    • Motor vehicle, including cars, vans, SUVs, buses, motorcycles and others
    • Intentional neglect
    • Other
    • Unknown
Victim-Suspect Relationship

(Note: For incidents with multiple victims, all victim-subject relationships will be counted.)

  • All, or any combination of the following
    • Spouse or other intimate partner (current or ex)
    • Parent
    • Child
    • Other relative
    • Acquaintance or friend
    • Stranger
    • Other specified relationship
    • Unknown relationship
Year(s) of Report
  • Calendar year of victim’s death (or first death for multiple victims)
  • Individual participating states
  • Groups of states
Race, Ethnicity, and Sex of the Victim/Suspect
  • All races, white, black, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian/Pacific Islander
  • All ethnicities, Hispanic, non-Hispanic, unknown
  • Both sexes, male, female
Place of Injury
  • All, or any combination of the following:
    • House/apartment/yard/driveway
    • Residential institution/shelter/prison
    • Highway/street/road/automobile
    • Recreational/cultural area/public building
    • Commercial/farm/industrial/construction area
    • Natural area/countryside/forest
    • Other including school/sports areas
    • Unknown/missing
Homeless Status
  • All
  • Homeless
  • Not homeless
  • Unknown/missing
Pregnancy Status
  • All
  • Pregnant
  • Not pregnant
  • Unknown/missing
Military Status
  • All
  • Current/former military
  • Non-military
  • Unknown/missing
Homicide and Legal Intervention Circumstances of the Victim
  • All persons with known circumstances
  • Intimate partner violence-related
  • Argument over money/property
  • Other argument/abuse/conflict
  • Precipitated by another crime
  • Crime in progress
  • Drug involvement
  • Brawl (3 or more persons involved in a mutual physical fight)
  • Jealousy (lovers’ triangle)
  • Victim used weapon
  • Gang-related
  • Victim was a bystander
  • Mercy killing
  • Hate crime
  • Justifiable self defense
  • Victim was assisting a crime victim
Suicide/Undetermined Death Circumstances
  • All persons with known circumstances
  • Current depressed mood
  • Current mental health problems
  • Current treatment for mental health problem
  • Ever treated for mental health problem
  • Person left a suicide note
  • Disclosed intent to commit suicide
  • History of suicide attempts
  • Crisis in past 2 wks
  • Intimate partner problem
  • Other relationship problem
  • Physical health problem
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Other substance problem
  • Recent criminal legal problem
  • Other legal problems
  • Job problem
  • Financial problem
  • School problem
  • Suicide of family or friend in the past five years
  • Other death of family or friend in the past five years
  • Perpetrator of interpersonal violence in the past month
  • Victim of interpersonal violence in the past month
Unintentional Firearm Death Circumstances
  • All persons with known circumstances
  • Hunting
  • Target shooting
  • Self defensive shooting
  • Celebratory firing
  • Loading/unloading gun
  • Cleaning gun
  • Showing gun to others
  • Playing with gun
  • Other context of injury
  • Thought safety was engaged
  • Thought unloaded, magazine disengaged
  • Thought gun was unloaded, other
  • Unintentionally pulled trigger
  • Bullet ricochet
  • Gun defect or malfunction
  • Fired while holstering/unholstering
  • Dropped gun
  • Fired while operating safety/lock
  • Gun mistaken for toy
  • Other mechanism of injury


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