Task 8: How to Get Help

While this tutorial and the FAQs should answer many of your questions, you may want additional help. There are two additional resources available: the NCHS email query and the NHANES listserv.


Step 1: Use NCHS Email Query

To use the NCHS email query, select the cdcinfo@cdc.gov link found in the Contact Us block on the right side of any NCHS web page. This will open your default email client with the To: field  filled in.


If you do not want to use or do not have a default email client installed on your computer, you can copy the email address from the email message, open your preferred email client, and paste the NCHS query email address in the To: field of a new message.

Type your question in the body of the message and send it.

Individuals responding to your inquiry are knowledgeable about NHANES data. Every attempt will be made for a timely response (24-48 business hours).


Step 2: Use NHANES listserv

Returning to the homepage, click the Listserv link in the navigation menu. Then, click the listserv@cdc.gov link to open an email message with the To: field filled in.

information icon If you do not wish to use your computer's default email client or do not have one set-up, open your preferred email software and enter listserv@cdc.gov in the To: field.

Leave the Subject: field blank. In the message body type: subscribe NHANES Your Name, where Your Name is replaced with your first and last names.

Send the message. You have now subscribed to the NHANES listserv and will receive updates on NHANES activities and announcements of product and data releases.

You should receive two initial emails from the listserv. One email details the output of the command you sent to the listserv and indicates if there were any errors you need to correct. If the command is successful,  you will receive a second email message, an email from the listserv asking you to confirm your request. Reply to the message and type ok in the message body.

If your command confirmation is successful, you will receive three email messages:

If your command confirmation is not successful, then read the additional instructions in the command confirmation email and, following the suggested changes, try to confirm the command again.


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