Task 2: Key concepts for assessing a study population using the NHANES-Medicaid linked data

This task will describe issues that must be considered when designing a study using the NHANES-Medicaid linked data.


Child survey participants

In accordance with NCHS Ethics Review Board (ERB) guidelines, for survey participants younger than 18 years of age at the time of the survey, NCHS will only provide linked CMS data generated for program participation, claims and other events that occurred prior to the participant’s 18th birthday.    

Additional Refinements

If the proposal describing the study and indicating which variables are needed is approved (See Course 1, Module 1 for information on the RDC process), additional refinements to the study population may be needed once the data are ready for analysis. For example, analysts using the linked Medicaid data available in the RDC may want to:

For more information and analytic guidelines refer to Course 3 Module 10 Task 1 and/or the NCHS-CMS Medicaid Data File Documentation and Analytic Guidelines.

Information icon Information

Restricted access to the NHANES-CMS linked data in the RDC is due to the person-specific data that could permit the identity of a beneficiary to be deduced. Data with beneficiary identifiers are subject to the Privacy Act, Freedom of Information Act and other Federal government rules and regulations. As such, the information is confidential and is to be used only for reasons compatible with the purpose(s) for which the data are collected.




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