Task 1: How to Create a Directory

Here are the steps to create the directory for this tutorial:


This following structure is recommended as it will be used throughout the tutorial. If you decide to use a different arrangement of folders, then you will need to change the path to the dataset in the sample programs.

screenshot of suggested folder structure for NHANES Web Tutorial

Step 1 Create NHANES III folder

Create the NHANES III folder in the C drive. You can get to your C Drive by opening Windows Explorer or the My Computer icon on your desktop. Create the new folder and name it NHANES III.


Step 2 Create TEMP folder

Double-click the NHANES III folder and create the TEMP folder inside it. This folder will store your transport files and documentation which you will download from the NHANES website


Step 3 Create DATA folder

Return to the NHANES III folder and create another folder inside it called DATA. This folder will store your extracted SAS data files and act as your SAS library. If you follow this structure, the path to your library will be C:/NHANES III/DATA.


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