Key Concepts about Creating NHANES III Datasets

NHANES III data is saved in a DATA file (.DAT).


To create a SAS file, you will need to use the SAS code provided.  As stated earlier, you will need to load SAS and open the SAS code you saved in your TEMP folder.  You will need to rename it using the SAVE AS feature so that you can modify the pathway to the data file you also saved in your TEMP folder.  In order to create a SAS data file, you will need to assign a libname to the location where you want the permanent data file to be. Once you have modified the FILENAME pathway for the data file, inserted the necessary commands for the LIBNAME to create the output SAS data file, and modified the DATA step, you can then RUN the SAS program.


To create a Stata dataset, you will need to first set up a Stata dictionary. To create this dictionary, you need to review the data file index of the documentation, determining the position, width and label of the variable(s) of interest. Then, you will use the dictionary file to load the data into Stata using an infile command at the Command window.  Finally, you will save your Stata dataset with the .dta extension using the save command.

After you've submitted the program and it has completed, check your folder (if you followed Task 1 it would be C:\NHANES III\DATA) and see that the dataset is now in your folder.


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