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Changes to the 2007-2008 NHANES Dietary Supplement files

Dietary Supplement Use (30 day)

The 2007-2008 dietary supplement use 30-day files have been updated and given new, descriptive names. The new files still include all variables in past cycles, and include 33 new nutrients/dietary component variables. Analysts are encouraged to read the documentation in order to understand the new names and structure of the files as well as the new variables. Past release cycles will be re-released in the future with the same updates as the 2007-2008.

Table 1. Dietary Supplement Use (30 day) File names for each NHANES cycle.
File Description File Name Data Release Cycle
1 DSQTOT_E replaces DSQ1_E as the updated 2007-2008 Dietary Supplement Use
2 DSQIDS_E replaces DSQ2_E as the updated 2007-2008 Dietary Supplement Use
Total Dietary Supplements FileDSQTOT_E12007-2008
File 1: Supplement CountsDSQ1_D2005-2006
File 1: Supplement CountsDSQ1_C2003-2004
File 1: Supplement CountsDSQ1_B2002-2001
File 1: Supplement CountsDSQFILE11999-2000
Individual Dietary Supplements FileDSQIDS_E22007-2008
File 2: Participant's Use of SupplementDSQ2_D2005-2006
File 2: Participant's Use of SupplementDSQ2_C2003-2004
File 2: Participant's Use of SupplementDSQ2_B2002-2001
File 2: Participant's Use of SupplementDSQFILE21999-2000

The NHANES Dietary Supplement Database (NHANES-DSD)

The NHANES-DSD release consists of three datasets which contain information on products: Dietary Supplement Product Information (DSPI), Dietary Supplement Ingredient Information (DSII), and Dietary Supplement Blend Information (DSBI). These files describe all products reported from 1999-2008 by NHANES participants.

Table 2. NHANES Dietary Supplement Database file name changes
Old File Description Old File Name New File Description New File Name
File 3: Supplement InformationDSQ3_EDietary Supplement Product InformationDSPI
File 4: Ingredient InformationDSQ4_EDietary Supplement Ingredient InformationDSII
File 5: Supplement BlendDSQ5_EDietary Supplement Blend InformationDSBI