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Note on the 2007-2008 Data Documentation

Changes have been made to the format of the Data Documentation, Codebook, and Frequencies for 2007-2008.

Revised DHHS and CDC Regulations require that public-use documents that are published on the CDC website must be made available in a format that is compliant with section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Due to the tabular format of codebook items, it is no longer practical to publish data documentation in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) in a manner that is compliant with Section 508.

Starting with the 2007-2008 data release, data documentation will be published in HTML format. The document in its new format contains the same information as it has in previous years. Data documentation for previous years will also be retrofitted to the new HTML format.

Some changes you may notice:

  • The cover page with color graphics, introduced with the release of 2003-2004 data, has been eliminated.
  • The Record Locator has been moved to the front of the document, following the title information.
  • The section bookmarks included in earlier PDF documentations have been eliminated.
  • The new format has been optimized for printing. The document displays in your web browser without pagination as a single, continuous page consistent with its HTML format. However when viewed using the print preview function, headers, footers, and page numbers should be displayed, as these are configured by your local web browser settings.*
  • Codebook items have been formatted to place one or two on a page, in order not to break items over page boundaries. In the case of a few items that contain more entries than will fit on a single page, column headings have been carried over to the continuation page.

* Actual behavior may vary according to the vendor, version, and settings of your web browser. As these are beyond the control of CDC, you may need to consult your local expert if further information or assistance are needed.