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Data Advisory on Vitamin D

There is a recent update to the lab data document on serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D). All users interested in comparing vitamin D data between 2000-2006 and NHANES III data are strongly recommended to read this data advisory.

In brief, two issues are brought to attention. First, users are cautioned about making direct comparisons between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D measurements from NHANES 2000-2006 and measurements obtained in NHANES III (1988-1994).  Second, data users should also be aware that the 25(OH)D data from the 2000-2006 NHANES were most likely affected by drifts in the assay performance (method bias and imprecision) over time.  For more information, you can read the analytical note contained in the Vitamin D data documentation.

2009 budget good for NCHS and NHANES

The budget included the increase of $11.1M that had been sought for NCHS, bringing total FY 09 programmatic funding to $124.7M. This means that not only will the 2009 NHANES be carried out as planned, but also additional funds are available to replace more of the aging survey infrastructure. 

Six of the trailers that make up the NHANES mobile examination centers (MECs) have been travelling the country for over 20 years now. In 2007, we initiated the process to build and purchase a new lab trailer. That trailer has just been integrated into the MEC and will soon be in operation. Two more lab trailers are being built with 2009 funding.

Save the Date - NHANES 50th Anniversary Celebration, Sept. 29th, 12:30-4:30 p.m. NCHS, Hyattsville, MD

NHANES 50th Anniversary celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29th, 12:30-4:30 p.m., at NCHS, Hyattsville, Maryland. Please mark your calendar and join us at the celebration!  

Poetry Jam for NHANES 50th

One of our summer interns, Brittany Mellinger, volunteered to write a couple poems to kick off our poetry jam. We offer them here as an invitation to inspire the poet inside you to come out, and submit your haiku or other poem for the 50th anniversary.

This summer I'm working with NHANES
There is so much knowledge to gain
About weight and diseases
Coughs, sniffs, and sneezes
And various germs that pertain.

NHANES has been here for awhile
A fact that makes many people smile
So hip, hip, hooray!
NHANES please do stay
Every last little file.

You can submit your poetry to us at nhanesnews@cdc.gov. We will compile the submissions to share them at the celebration. Please be sure to give us your full name so we can attribute them properly.

Deadlines for proposing 2011-2012 survey contents near

The deadlines are fast approaching for submitting the letter of intent. Current and potential collaborators who would like to propose new survey items need to pay close attention to the different deadlines for different survey components.

Examination - June 30, 2009
Questionaire - August 31, 2009
Laboratory - September 30, 2009

Please see the Deadlines for Proposals for 2011-12 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey content for more information.

NCHS Data Brief: One-third of U.S. adults embraced most heart healthy behaviors

picture of databriefIn a recent NCHS Data Brief, Dr. Jacqueline Wright and co-authors reported the prevalence of following nine lifestyle changes recommended to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in 1999-2002. They found about one-third of U.S. adults reported following six or more recommendations. The recommendations to have blood pressure screened and consume alcohol only in moderation were followed by a majority of the population. While the recommendation to consume two to four servings of fruit per day had the lowest prevalence.

Read the Data Brief


More April/May publications by NHANES

Then & Now

What happened in 1959?

  • Alaska and Hawaii are admitted to the union, significantly increasing the attractiveness of desirable PSUs. Eventually, NHANES MEC trailers have graced the beautiful land of both states, and we hope to go back and visit again!
  • Boeing 707 Jet Airliner comes into service, cutting 8 hrs from the transatlantic flight; IBM ships the transistor-based 1401 mainframe; and the first commercial copier was debuted by Xerox (*all of the above technical innovations are reported to have had an impact on our surveys).
  • While the first Heath Examination Survey is being launched, our potential sampled persons are just entering "The Twilight Zone", and finding themselves in colorful "Bonanza". Looking back at the first years, "Some Like it Hot", some prefer "Ben Hur", and many others wish we could go "North by Northwest".
  • Barbie Dolls come to live in households with little girls, leaving much to be desired for a female figure (*only NHANES data could prove that such body measurements were nearly impossible, not to mention the potential health risks associated with obsessions with such an ideal figure!)

How costs have changed

Comparision of Prices in 1959 to 2009
Item 1959 2009
1st class stamp $.10 $.42
Loaf of Bread $.20 $2.79
A gallon of Gas $.25 $.2.36
Movie Ticket $1.00 $7.18
Average Cost of a new car $2,200 $27,958
Average Cost of new house $12,400 $236,880
Average Yearly Wages $5,010 $40,523

*Statistics compiled from thepeoplehistory.com/pricebasket.

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