Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research (CCQDER)



The Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research (CCQDER) conducts question evaluation and development studies for the National Center for Health Statistics, the CDC, and other HHS surveys. The primary method of evaluation is cognitive interviewing, although a range of other qualitative and quantitative methods, including focus groups, ethnographic methodology, and experimental web surveys, are also used. Question evaluation studies seek to identify patterns of interpretation, various forms of response error, and problems of question comparability across respondent groups. All CCQDER studies are complete with a final report that document study findings and are housed on Q-Bank, a searchable, publicly accessible database. Question evaluation findings are useful prior to fielding so that items can be changed to reduce response error and ensure that the intended construct is adequately captured. After fielding, findings are also useful to data users in that they provide guidance toward the interpretation of survey data. Additionally, findings from cognitive interviewing studies may be used to evaluate existing survey data as well as to determine overlap and redundancy in survey questions.

Principal activities of CCQDER

  • Question development and evaluation: CCQDER conducts cognitive interviewing studies and other pretest methodologies in support of evaluating and developing reliable surveys for NCHS and external agencies.
  • Methodological research: CCQDER researches and refines question evaluation methods while also working to better understand the question response process and survey response error.
  • Development of technology products: CCQDER develops software to improve qualitative data collection, analysis, and to increase the accessibility and transparency of question evaluation studies.

Whom does CCQDER work with?

CCQDER conducts question development and question evaluation studies for NCHS, CDC and HHS as well as external agencies. Learn more about how to work with us.

CCQDER webinar

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