2018 NCHHSTP Metrics Dashboard

Welcome to the NCHHSTP Website Metrics Dashboard. This dashboard is updated each Fiscal Year with key metrics obtained using Adobe SiteCatalyst v. 15, detailing how visitors are interacting with NCHHSTP web sites. The dashboard provides metrics reports such as page views*, site rankings, traffic sources, and average time on site for each center, division, and cross-cutting site.

It is important to note that in 2014, the NCHHSTP metrics dashboard moved to a fiscal year reporting model. Prior years, found in the archive, were reported using an annual year model.

Annual Summary (October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018)
NCHHSTP website


  • #3 most viewed total sites on CDC.gov with 76,422,361 page views* (down 12% from 2017)
  • 11 of the top 50 pages on CDC.gov
  • 9 of the top 25 search keywords for CDC.gov


*What is a “Page View”? The Page View metric is defined as the number of times a page has been loaded into a browser (including reloads).

Ranking of NCHHSTP Sites on CDC.gov**
  • #3 CDC STDs (2017 rank: #1)
  • #12 CDC HIV/AIDS (2017 rank: #13)
  • #13 CDC Tuberculosis (2017 rank: #12)
  • #27 CDC Viral Hepatitis (2017 rank: #21)
  • #50 CDC DASH (2017 rank: #51)

** For CDC.gov site metrics overall, please see CDC eHealth Metrics Dashboard.

NCHHSTP Division Web Sites Page Views
NCHHSTP Division Web Sites Page Views Fiscal Year 2017
Division Web Sites Page Views
STD Prevention (including STD, STD Conference, and U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee) 43,560,873
Tuberculosis Elimination 13,026,332
HIV/AIDS Prevention (including HIV, Act Against AIDS, and Trend Statement) 12,309,569
Viral Hepatitis (including Hepatitis, Know Hepatitis B, and Know More Hepatitis) 4,378,451
Adolescent and School Health (including Adolescent and School Health, GSHS, and Youth Campaign) 3,121,736
NPIN Web Sites Page Views
NPIN Web Sites Page Views Fiscal Year 2018
Web Sites Page Views
Get Tested 2,998,611
NPIN 1,582,705
Find TB Resources 110,842
STD Awareness 63,267

Get Tested - Search for HIV Testing Services
Atlas Plus - Explore Interactive CDC Data
CDC 24/7 - Protecting America's Safety, Health, and Security
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